How Does It Work? City Hall Wedding Photographer

Congratulations! We would love to document your special day and yes. We can also act as your witness if you need one.

So how does wedding photography from City Hall Wedding Photographer work?

We getting married at city hall makes for a beautiful, elegant and low cost alternative to large expensive weddings but capturing the moments of the day is worth the expense.

Based on the photography package we use (which really depends on time) we start with documenting before, during and after the wedding, inside and around the Clerk’s Office. After the wedding we will take photos around the Clerk’s Office at nearby parks and buildings.

Often we will then go to take more photos at another landmark like the Brooklyn Bridge or Central Park if the couple would like to have photos from some other special places.

We can also provide coverage for a luncheon or evening dinner that the couple and/or family may be having. Most people like to benefit from not having to take their own photos and to take advantage of the high quality photography in more of a journalistic style that fits in with the simpleness and less complex city hall style wedding.

Please contact us any time for more information as to how you can make your city hall wedding a beautiful experience.